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Join us on this KIND journey


Join us on this KIND journey

Who we are

We are aKINDemy - a unique personal book shopping service to help you find and buy the best children's books and raise KIND future citizens of the world. Highlighting different societal and environmental themes, we research, curate and recommend books for you to choose from each month. You review our recommendations, select and only pay for your favourites. We do the research so you wouldn’t have to!

Enter our KIND world

How it works

For a nominal membership fee, aKINDemy curates the best themed books to help you raise KIND children. Unlike the usual subscription service,  aKINDemy lets you choose the books you want to receive. WE CURATE AND RECOMMEND books and YOU CHOOSE AND PAY for the books you want to receive in your monthly box. Try our service with a complimentary membership for the first month, only pay for the books you choose to receive. 

Tell us about your little reader
Choose a club that best suits your child's age

Receive monthly recommendations
We'll do the research and send book recommendations focused on a new theme each month

Choose & pay for the products you like
Only pay for the items you choose, send gifts to a friend and we'll handle the delivery!

What's inside the box

Immerse in different books with purpose each month covering important societal and environmental topics in an adventurous, fun and child-friendly way.
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Enjoy special family bonding time and engage your child in a theme of the month with themed resources and activity sheets.
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Benefit from tips and expert-written conversation starters to generate important chats in a fun and child-appropriate way.
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Enjoy special little surprises for children that we include free of charge every single month.
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Theme of the month

SCIENCE with a hint of LOVE

Inspired by the United Nations International Day of Women and Girls in Science, this month we are talking about and picking the best children's books on SCIENCE. Since it's Valentine's day as well, we are adding some titles that will celebrate LOVE!

Be ready to see your little ones discover and wonder about everything around them while learning that they will always be loved.

Benefit from science tips and conversation starters from our expert for the month, Rana El Chemaitelly. She is a leading entrepreneur in the realm of STEM education. Ever since she founded The Little Engineer back in 2009, she has become a voice of change while investing in young minds and empowering the women of her community.

Happy reading!

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aKINDemy membership fee covers curation, research for book recommendations, processing fees, our team’s hard work at the warehouse as well as free delivery. Additionally, you only pay for the books you want to receive each month. 

Membership is flexible, you can pause or cancel it any time without any charges.

AED 39 /mo
Billed AED 39 every month
Try free for 1 month
No subscription fee for the first month. Only pay for the books you choose to receive
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AED 25 /mo
Billed 468 AED 300 AED
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No subscription fee for the first month. Only pay for the books you choose to receive
AED 31 /mo

Billed 234 AED 186 AED

every 6 months

Try free for 1 month
No subscription fee for the first month. Only pay for the books you choose to receive

Curious to try? Benefit from a COMPLIMENTARY aKINDemy membership trial for the first month! Yes, we'll do the research FREE of charge and recommend the most suitable books for your children. You only pay for the books you choose to receive in your box.


What our customers say

We are obsessed!

It was so much fun opening the box! We read Claudia's Dream at bedtime and loved the book. Zayn is obsessed with the planets and the solar system and it's absolutely perfect.

The box prompts great conversations

Thank you, my daughter loved opening her KIND box. It prompted such a good conversation and was very eye opening for me!

Wonderful selection of books!

The curated selection of books highlight important and relevant life virtues for us. The books aKINDemy sends are not easy to find locally. It’s a wonderful selection that has a balance of reading and activity books that are delivered to our doorstep. The packaging is great. Being an avid reader my son is excited to receive the aKINDemy box, he enjoys the surprises and reads the books instantly.

Meaningful and purposeful messages

aKINDemy has given us a great way to incorporate meaning and purposeful messages into home reading and story time. aKINDemy really showcases a wonderful selection of books which I am not sure we would have known about if it wasn’t for them.

We are in love!

We are in love with the books and the fact that it saves time. Now choosing the right books is just a click away!

We see a growing interest in reading

I truly believe that books are the best gifts! With aKINDemy, I am able to share some real gems with my nephew every month. The beautifully curated books are a great way to introduce some very important subjects. Bonus, we can see his interest for reading grow each month and we could not be happier!

The monthly themes are very relevant

We absolutely love aKINDemy! The monthly themes are so relevant to our current environment. As a family we do the activities, go through the discussions, and read the books together. We always look forward to receiving the box!

aKINDemy is one of a kind!

I am excited about aKINDemy, it is really one of a KIND. So impressed with the offer of books! I look for books for the girls all the time and I would not have come across the ones they send. So pleased I have them now.



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Can I get a refund?
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