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Join us on this KIND journey

The only personal book shopping service to stimulate little minds and grow KIND hearts 

Join us on this KIND journey

Who we are

We are aKINDemy - a one-of-a-kind book membership empowering parents to embark on a KIND literary journey with their children. Focusing on different themes each month, we help you introduce your children to societal and environmental topics and raise them with diversity and inclusivity in mind. We are here to help you start and navigate big conversations with well-researched books and engaging resources every month. 

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How it works

Unlike any other service in the market, aKINDemy researches and curates the best themed books for children aged 0 to 9 years old and then lets YOU DECIDE which books you want to receive every month. Our membership is completely FREE. WE CURATE AND RECOMMEND books and YOU CHOOSE AND PAY ONLY for the books you want to receive in your monthly box.

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You get 3 days to select and pay ONLY for your favourites. Or skip the selection process to receive a surprise box of books and free recourses which will never exceed 300 Dirhams.

What's inside the box

Immerse in different books with purpose each month covering important societal and environmental topics in an adventurous, fun and child-friendly way.
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Enjoy special family bonding time and engage your child in a theme of the month with themed resources and activity sheets.
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Benefit from tips and expert-written conversation starters to generate important chats in a fun and child-appropriate way.
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Enjoy special little surprises for children that we include free of charge every single month.
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Theme of the month

Winning and Losing

Nelson Mandela famously once said, "I never lose. I either win or learn".

This October we are exploring the theme of ‘Winning and Losing’ in life and discuss how failures provide opportunities and lessons to help us grow and move forward.

With a collection of books that covers selfishness, perfectionism, autonomy, self-doubt and trauma to name a few, we will learn how to shift our perspectives, conquer our fears and accept failure as a stepping stone to future success.

This month, we welcome Australian Paralympic Swimmer, author and leading international advocate for diversity, inclusion, and disability awareness Jessica Smith OAM, as our expert of the month.

With endless drive and determination and as no stranger to the competitive nature of the sport, Jessica draws upon her personal experience as a world-class swimmer, representing Australia for seven years and competing in the 2004 Paralympic Games, to share her voice and social media platform, to facilitate open and honest conversations about diversity and accessibility, highlighting practical solutions to improve the lack of inclusivity within society.

We are also proud to have Jessica as one of our aKINDemy local authors with her critically acclaimed children's book series, Just Jessica.

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What our customers say

We are obsessed!

It was so much fun opening the box! We read Claudia's Dream at bedtime and loved the book. Zayn is obsessed with the planets and the solar system and it's absolutely perfect.

The box prompts great conversations

Thank you, my daughter loved opening her KIND box. It prompted such a good conversation and was very eye opening for me!

Wonderful selection of books!

The curated selection of books highlight important and relevant life virtues for us. The books aKINDemy sends are not easy to find locally. It’s a wonderful selection that has a balance of reading and activity books that are delivered to our doorstep. The packaging is great. Being an avid reader my son is excited to receive the aKINDemy box, he enjoys the surprises and reads the books instantly.

Meaningful and purposeful messages

aKINDemy has given us a great way to incorporate meaning and purposeful messages into home reading and story time. aKINDemy really showcases a wonderful selection of books which I am not sure we would have known about if it wasn’t for them.

We are in love!

We are in love with the books and the fact that it saves time. Now choosing the right books is just a click away!

We see a growing interest in reading

I truly believe that books are the best gifts! With aKINDemy, I am able to share some real gems with my nephew every month. The beautifully curated books are a great way to introduce some very important subjects. Bonus, we can see his interest for reading grow each month and we could not be happier!

The monthly themes are very relevant

We absolutely love aKINDemy! The monthly themes are so relevant to our current environment. As a family we do the activities, go through the discussions, and read the books together. We always look forward to receiving the box!

aKINDemy is one of a kind!

I am excited about aKINDemy, it is really one of a KIND. So impressed with the offer of books! I look for books for the girls all the time and I would not have come across the ones they send. So pleased I have them now.



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